Devilian Mobile – Soft Launch


Gamevil has announced the soft launched of their latest mobile game, Devilian Mobile. Players from Canada, Spain, Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Sweden, Philippines, and Vietnam can now download the game from the Google Play Store.

Developed by Bluehole Ginno and based on Trion’s popular MMORPG for the PC, Devilian takes full advantage of Unreal Engine 4 to deliver striking visuals and satisfying gameplay.  Devilian incorporates a unique mechanic as a major gameplay element while also affording players the opportunity to tailor individual play styles.


Players can select one of three playable half-human, half-demon beings called “Devilians” in order to conquer the armies of Kavel and bring hope to the land of Aelkeina. The game’s signature feature, “Devilian Mode” allows the character’s demon side to take over, transforming them into a horrifying demonic persona. Characters in this state have new abilities and otherworldly increases in power.


Devilian features multiple game modes and various options in customization. The single-player campaign mode has over 120 levels, and players can participate in Raid, Arena, and the challenging yet rewarding Infernal Temple. The Devilstone system encourages players to strengthen their character’s transformed state in specialized ways. Different equipment sets can also provide individually preferred bonuses and over 120 pieces of equipment can currently be collected. Finally, each character’s primary skills and Devilian skills can be upgraded depending on playstyle and preference.


If you’re from one of the 9 countries mentioned above, download the game now and jump right into this new adventure in Devilian Mobile.



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