DOKODEMO Dragon – Pet Raising Battle Simulation


Awesome hello every dear Pao-ers! Today, we have discovered an old-school design indie game from Japan that could interest you. Ever played any of the Monster Rancher series a long long time ago on the older Sony Playstations? This game is very much similar to it except being on a smartphone with simpler systems yet still filled with the intricate stats and abilities that makes a pet raising game unique.

Players are able to select from a series of dragon-like pets from the start and begin training them! The training phase comes in the form of a clicker game where players are able to tap to speed up the process (or leave it idle), several food items are able to make the seconds tick-away faster! Training grants your pet various stat points and new abilities to fight with. After feeling confident, players are able to send their dragon to fight through leagues starting from D-rank all the way to SS-rank (seems like a really steep progression). Fights are a mixture of auto-attacks (affected by many stats such as initiative and avoidance) and active skills which are manually activated by players.

I am really into the old-school retro direction this game is exuding in terms of both its pixel-aesthetics and gameplay. This is definitely in some way nostalgic but refreshing to smartphone gamers at the same time. Based on the product description, English translations are coming in June so more players get to enjoy and understand the game’s mildly complex stat system really soon. Do check it out and enjoy raising your dragon!




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