Dragon Blaze – Global Launch


Alright Guys! The wait is now over!!! The Global Launch for Dragon Blaze is finally here! Read on to find out more!

Begin the adventure and become a legend in the hit Korean mobile RPG Dragon Blaze, out today on Google Play. Developed by FLINT and published by GAMEVIL, Dragon Blaze is an enchanting fantasy RPG filled with dynamic characters and vibrant battle sequences.

The game begins with the return of Deathcrown, the fearsome dragon king of the living and the dead. Since his return, humans and dragons have been at war, and players must now take on the duty of saving the human race as one of five heroes: Warrior, Archer, Mage, Priest, or Rogue. Throughout the journey, players will recruit and train other team members to assist them in battling creatures in Dragon’s Landing and ending the war.



Dragon Blaze has four main game modes:

Adventure: Travel through Dragon’s Landing at various levels – Normal, Hero, Legend, and Myth – to combat enemies, recruit allies, and unfold the story.
Boss Raid: Join real-time 4-player boss raids and receive rare items and weapons as rewards.
PvP Arena: Challenge other players and receive avatars to strengthen and customize your heroes.
Labyrinth: Explore the labyrinth, fight against endless waves of enemies, and gather gold. Players can improve their heroes by leveling up, equipping weapons, and learning passive and active skills.

The game also has an extensive Quest system and a Guild system, which provide additional rewards.



Dragon Blaze is available for free to download on Google Play and App Store.


Android Link
iOS Link




  1. hi add me ^.^ i played the korean version glad it made a global version anyways please add me for referal. i am daily player already got lucky and got S rank

    name : Aoi
    Referal name : Asamiya

  2. I think this game deserve a mini guide or some sort..btw never played dot arena but alot of ppl are saying its similiar..which is better? How is crusader heroes also compared to tis game?

  3. This game was fun initially…now its starting to get old n boring fast…once you finish the game all thats left is to repeat on a higher difficulty until they release season 2 which i assume is a long way to go..and controlling 1 character with just 3 skill is so limited.


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