Dragon Mania Legends


Gameloft has recently released a new city-builder cum pet breeding game; Dragon Mania Legends. The game is out now on both Android and iOS.

The vikings have come to invade and destroy the land of Dragolandia. Players will need to reclaim your beloved homeland and rebuild Dragolandia by breeding cute baby dragons and training them into powerful Dragon Warriors to fight off the vikings. Complete the Dragon Codex and be rewarded with vast treasures.

Dragon Mania Legends is like a combination of your typical city-builder game plus Pokemon, just that your monsters are all Dragons. Build different natural habitats and breed Dragons with different elements in your Kingdom. With over 100 different Dragons to collect, Players will need to spend countless hours to get them all (unless you decide to pay for all of them). 

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The game utilizes a simple turn-based battle system. When it’s your Dragon’s turn to attack, tap the arrow within the “Green” area to deal bonus damage to the opponent while entering the “Red” area will cause your Dragon to miss it’s attack. There are normal story maps for players to explore and also PVP arena where the best players will be rewarded with vast treasures weekly.

Other Features
There is a decent amount of things to do in game which sets the game apart from the conventional city-builder game. There are special events that players can participate. These events can be simple in game mechanics such as “collecting the most gold” or “feeding the most food to your pets”. Rewards for the top few rankers are quite lucrative thus players might want to login into the game frequently to compete in these events.


To sum up, Dragon Mania Legends is a decent city-builder cum monster breeding game. I know there has been many similar Dragon breeding games on Facebook and the mobile platform but DML somehow stood out amongst the rest. Try the game yourself and see if it’s fun for you!


Android Link
iOS Link



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