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Archosaur Games has announced that their upcoming mobile game, Dragon Raja will be available in NA, South America and EMEA regions on February 27. Dragon Raja’s global release has been highly anticipated by fans reaching over 1.5 million pre-registrations globally. Built using the industry-leading UE4 engine, Dragon Raja features stunning graphics, real-time combat, and multi-dimensional character customization presented in a world that seamlessly blends sci-fi and fantasy.

In Dragon Raja, players are facing the imminent return of the dragons who are awaking from a long slumber and looking to control the world once more. Hope is not lost though for the human race as players will be able to join an elite squad of hybrids who are able to harness a variety of draconic powers in order to defeat the waking dragons. As players progress through Dragon Raja’s main storyline they’ll meet an incredible cast of characters each with their own story and key part to play in saving the world.

With the goal to deliver stunning visual moments and an immersive gaming experience, Archosaur Games utilized motion capture technology as well as NPC AI smart interaction and a physics system that provides realistic collision responses. Players will have to be cautious not to slip when running on wet or icy surfaces or damage environmental objects during combat. In addition, NPCs will react differently to players based on the decisions they have made within the game. Dragon Raja’s story also features an open plot and multiple endings which will be shaped as players make choices throughout their journey.

Dragon Raja presents players with dynamic and action-packed gameplay whether their focus is PvE or PvP. Featuring real-time combat players in Dragon Raja will take on various world bosses, dungeons, and battlefields as well as massive PvP battles capable of supporting up to 100 players simultaneously. Players will be able to choose from four characteristic classes to wade into battle while also being able to highly customize their character’s appearance. In Dragon Raja players will have access to thousands of fully-detailed visual combinations and looks ranging from urban to cyberpunk and everything in between. Player’s will also be able to create multiple in-game personas via the game’s career system.

Pre-registration for Dragon Raja is on-going and players in NA and EMEA will be able to download the game for free on the App Store or Google Play beginning February 27. To celebrate the release of Dragon Raja as well as to thank fans for the incredible support during pre-registration, Archosaur Games will be introducing special launch events including giveaway rewards. To stay up to date on launch event giveaways please visit the official Facebook page here. For more information on Dragon Raja visit the official site.

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