Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Officially Launched


Nuverse has announced the launch of their latest game, Dragonheir: Silent Gods. If you enjoy playing RPGs that require you to roll the dice, download the game via Google Play, Apple iTunes or the PC client today!

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is a open-world high-fantasy strategy RPG that takes players on an epic journey where they can discover a dynamic world with high-quality character models and diverse exploration possibilities that include character customization options and branching storylines.

The game itself is a hero-collection RPG inspired by Dungeons and Dragons with an epic storyline, dice-rolls, world exploration and more. However, since this is a mobile game, I’m not sure if the branching storylines actually differ with each different choices you make. Realistically, I doubt Players will playthrough a second time to find out the answer.

Most of its combat is pretty much automated however, skill/spell casting is done manually and it is very important that you cast your skills/spells to prevent death especially at early parts of the game. Your skills and spells will deal a large amount of damage compared to your normal attacks. There are over 200 heroes that you can collect in the game so make sure to understand them and form your ultimate team.



Android Link
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