Elemental Wings – Global Release


Joycity has released Elemental Wings, a mobile game featuring a combination of vertically scrolling flying shooter, collectable card game, and RPG genres. If you’re into old school Arcade Airplane games.

Having once reached the #1 position in the popular new games category and the Top 11 in revenue ranking during its launch in Korea, Elemental Wings is now available for players around the world.


Players can control their characters by simply swiping left and right to dodge enemies and to collect “orbs” which activate the skills of equipped Elementals. Players can also “summon” and “evolve” Elementals of fire, water, and light to assemble the best possible party for each battle, adding a new layer of depth to the casual shooter. The game also features a social element, in which player can also invite and take along friends’ Elementals for extra help. Each Elemental card is beautifully illustrated, and endowed with different personalities and skills that befit their types, whether it’s fire, water, or light.

I’ve actually wrote about the Japanese version of the game before and you can check out my gameplay video here:

From now till the 24th of June, Joycity is offering various rewards to players joining in on the action early. Players who reach levels 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20 will get Gems. Players will also get double experience points and Gold if they sign in during certain hours each day. In addition, players will receive 10 Gems for each day they play the game until June 24.

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