Empire of Angels: Lunar Phantoms – Summer Special


Auer has announced the “Summer X Passion X Bikini! Summer Exclusive Spiritist” event for Empire of Angels: Lunar Phantoms. The event features beach, new relics, and bikini Spiritists!

The adventure of Nia and her companions takes them to Republic of Uriel, only to find an early summer. Tired and weary under the scorching sun, Sasha proposes a vacation to the beach in the nearby Cross Village. In the party, familiar companions and unexpected guests all show up.

Sasha the bard displays her sexiness and elegance in a scalloped bikini with a pink sarong and a matching umbrella. Swimsuit Sasha’s Ultimate “Summer Dance” invokes splashes with elegant steps.

Always ready to show off her curves, Leina steals the spotlight with a striped string bikini. With a wooden sword in her hand, Leina’s “Suikawari Time!” cuts both the enemy and watermelon in half.

Naladia’s indifference fits perfectly her cover-up and the school swimsuit underneath. Swimsuit Naladia’s Ultimate “Game Time!” smashes tsunami to overwhelm enemies.

During the Summer Special Event, fight against epic bosses in Co-Op. with bikini Spiritists to earn “Limited Edition Beach Ball”, a unique weapons that stuns enemies! Hot bikinis, action-paced fights, rich rewards- join the party today!


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