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GAEA Mobile has just released their latest Mobile MOBA game, Ace of Arenas. The game is available globally on the App and Play store. If you’re into MOBA games, read on to find out more!

Ace of Arenas is a 3v3 MOBA game with an average of 30 minutes per game. The game is played very similar to Action RPG games with a PVP system however, it retains all the important factors of a MOBA game such as the laning phase, positioning, ganking and taking down of towers.

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Since this is a global release, players can choose to party up with people all over the world or gather your fellow nation people and do your country proud. Participate in ranked battles and climb up the ladder. There is a good number of characters in the roster for players to choose from. From your ADC, Tank or Support classes, Ace of Arenas will live up its name as a MOBA title.


Ace of Arenas is out now on both iOS and Andriod. Go grab it now!

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