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The official launch for GrandChase M is finally here! Published by Eyedentity Games, this brand new turn-based approach to GrandChase will definitely attract you mobile players! Read on to find out more!

GrandChase M is a brand new side-scrolling RPG Mobile game developed by DAVINCI Games based on the popular MMO, Grand Chase. The game brings players to the fight against the evil maleficent, KazeAaze. To describe similarities, the game feels like a mixture of DotArena/Hero Charge combined with the typical Korean Style Monster Breeding game.



Like most current side-scroller games, the physical attacks of your characters are auto-mated and players will be able to decide when to use skills for your characters by tapping on the skill icons. Besides the usual skill icons, players will be able to charge their characters Energy level. Once the Energy level is at max, players will be able to use the Special Skill of your characters. These Special Skills are more powerful and graphically more flashy than your normal skills. When 2 or more characters Special Skills become usable, you can then unleash an even more powerful Combo for your Special Skills. If you’ve played the MMO, you’ll know that this Skill Combo is especially useful against Bosses.


Game Modes

– Dungeon: A total of 180 stages available at 3 different levels of difficulty! Obtain 3 stars for every stage!
– Raid: Challenge the powerful Boss Monster ‘Berkas’ to obtain the most coveted item!
– Battle Arena: Be victorious in the PvP Battle Arena and become the ‘Grand Chaser’!
– Hall of Heroes: Summon phantom heroes and join forces with friends to destroy them all!
– Dimension Crack: Challenge yourself in unlimited battles using 5 parties made up of your heroes!
– Wanted: Earn the Attribute Essence needed to evolve characters in the daily dungeon!



The game is finally out now for all players. Hurry download the game now and be on your way to be the BEST GrandChase Player.

Actoz Games (Eyedentity Games)


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