(EN) Kill Me Again: Infectors – Global Pre-registration


After a successful soft-launch in Singapore (Top 40 Games), Sweden, and Ireland, TOAST, the publishing branch of NHN Entertainment, is opening a global pre-registration event to everyone. The more sign-ups for the game, the more rewards you’ll get.

Kill Me Again, published by TOAST and developed in-house by NHN PixelCube Corp., introduces tense combat carnage with simple to learn puzzle gameplay.  Complete freedom of movement with the puzzle mechanics allows players can make matches and combos from anywhere on the board.  Mercs need to plan their attacks, react quickly, and use skills to devastating effect to stop from being eaten alive by the mutants festering in the dark corners of the District.


Expand your knowledge of the Kill Me Again world with the microsite.  For players who want to extend their Kill Me Again knowledge beyond the scope of the mobile game, they can contribute to the Survivor’s Journal.  As the game continues to spread into other areas, more people must come forward and share their survival story in the country, hometown, or on the road.

As you guys know, I’m from Singapore thus I was able to play the game for awhile and I must say, the game is quite refreshing and plays a little different from the usual Connect-3 Jewel based games. You can read more about my take of the game here.

Pre-Register Here


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