(EN) Legacy Quest – Soft Launch


Nexon has soft launched it’s latest Roguelike ARPG mobile game, Legacy Quest. If you’re a fan of Roguelike games, read on to find out more!

If you’re unfamiliar with Rougelike games, it generally means that the game features tile-based graphics and permanent death. In Legacy Quest, players will explore vast dungeons, craft magical weapons, and defeat hordes of monsters in this colossal creation!


Before playing the game, I thought it will be ridiculous to have roughlike games played on mobile as people who have fat fingers like me or small screen devices will have problems controlling your characters. Don’t forget, death is permanent! However, after trying the game, I realised there’s a mini auto aim feature where range characters spamming normal attacks, will detect monsters that are near and auto-target them. As for melee characters, your character will move towards the direction of the monsters that are in range. However, this might be a problem at later stages where hard hitting range monster may damage you by surprise.


The game has a town building feature where you can upgrade different parts of your town such as the Blacksmith, Armorsmith, Keep, Shrine of Souls and other buildings that can help to improve the strength of your characters.


Defeat a succession of evil bosses in over 60 Dungeon wings, smashing and bashing your way through dark forests, frozen palaces, swampy depths, and fiery cauldrons. Each gorgeous dungeon is filled with hordes of crazed monsters for you to decimate!

Legacy Quest is currently soft launched for Android users in India, Philippines, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. On the 17th (2 days later), it will be open for Austrailia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland. Soft launch will probably run for some time to test for bugs and server stability before the full Worldwide launch which probably be on the same day as the iOS launch.

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