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Actoz Games has just launched the global version for Wonder5 Masters. The game is out now for Android players while the iOS release will have to wait. SEA players will also have to wait for awhile until Cherry Credits releases it. However, if you want to play the global version, read on to find out more!

Wonder5 Masters may seem like your typical side-scroller Mobile RPG game, however, there’s a twist in its Skill System. Unlike most similar games where players tap on the skills and your character will auto aim and cast on the target, Wonder5 Masters requires players to Drag and Drop the skill to the area where you want to cast them.


Endorse by one of the best League of Legend Player, Faker himself, Wonder5 Masters is definitely a game that you guys must check out.

The game is out now globally on the Google Play Store. For SEA players, you have 2 options.
1. Wait for Cherry Credits to release it
2. Download the APK file and play the global version.
Actoz Games (Eyedentity Mobile)





  1. Actually it’s just another Hero Charge clone, even though you can aim your skill but most of the farming wise will just be another auto-battle.

    Check out Dungeon Boss instead, it’s turn base, no auto battles with elements of Hero’s Charge.

    • Actually its a Dot Arena clone,heroes charge is a dot arena clone despite alot of people thought dot arena is the clone.yeah it is a clone but an improved version..no offence but dungeon boss is kinda of crappy and slow


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