Epic Seven – Global Update 3


The first limited time character, Diene, enters the fray!

1. The new heroes Diene and Bask have arrived!

Diene (Gacha)

Ezera’s saint, Diene, recipient of the Goddess’s revelation and the leader who brought Orbis’s people to victory, is here. Say hello to the girl who would later become the queen of Ezera!


Bask (Event)

2. A new artifact and memory imprint item have been added!

A new artifact and an item used exclusively to Memory Imprint the three star Hero Bask have been added.

3. Diene Drop Rate UP

During the event period, players will have a higher chance to Summon Diene!

Please note that Diene is only available in Limited Summon.
During her Limited Summon banner, Diene will be the only 5★ Hero that can be summoned and her Summon Rate will be increased to 1%.
After the event is over, this Hero will not be added to Covenant Summon.
After the event, the artifact “Noble Oath” will be added to Covenant Summon.

■ Schedule

11/29 (Thu) after maintenance ~ 12/12 (Wed) 23:59 (KST)

■ Guaranteed Summon System

1) The Guaranteed Summon System will apply to this Limited Summon Banner.

2) Each time the player summons a Hero, the summon counter will decrease by 1. (Starting at 120)

3) If the player has not received the Limited Summon Hero after 120 summons, the next summon is guaranteed to give the Limited Summon Hero.

4) If the player receives the featured hero before reaching 120 summons, their summon counter will be reset.

4. Special Side Story – A Eulogy for a Saint

Set 20 years in the past, in the midst of the Archdemon War, is Diene’s story. Find out what happened to Diene and the other heroes in this Side Story!

■ Availability

11/28 (Wed) after update ~ 12/20 (Thu) before the next update

■ How to Enter:

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap Battle > Side Story.

■ How to Participate:
The Side Story, “A Eulogy for a Saint”, will be available for 3 weeks. During the event, players will be able to receive event currency which can be exchanged for other items. Additionally, players will be able to receive a variety of items for completing Quests, Achievements and Region Rewards.

The following Heroes receive benefits when used in Diene’s side story.

  • During the first two weeks, players will be able to clear stages 1-19. On the 3rd week, players will be able to clear stages 20-30.
  • World difficulty will become available once players complete [6. Greenwood Fortress] and [14. White Night Tower].
  • Some quests will become available after completing Preceding Achievements.
  • Within the side story, “A Eulogy for a Saint”, there are special “defense” stages. On these stages you must stop waves of monsters from coming!
  • Players can also receive Urgent Missions while playing the side story.
  • In the side story region, players can acquire 2★ monsters and Catalysts. Players can see details about which monsters and Catalysts are available by tapping the Region Info icon.
  • Players must clear all the earlier stages in order to advance to the later stages in the 3rd week.

■ Side Story Changes

– In order to prevent spoilers in the side story, players will unable to see the names or details of quests they haven’t started yet.

– In the side story, players will be able to use Diene as a supporter.

– In the side story map, players will move as Diene on the map.

– On the world map, players can tap the [?] button in the upper-left hand corner in order to open the side story help guide.

■ Locked Quests

Quests branching from [6. Greenwood Fortress] and [14. White Night Tower] require the player to complete the Preceding Achievements first before proceeding. Players will be able to find details about Preceding Achievements from Quest, Reputation, and the gauge on the World difficulty map.

Achievements can also be achieved in the World difficulty stages. If you are confident with your team, please challenge the World difficulty.

Try out the locked quest after clearing all the connected stages and achievements!

■ Defense Stages

Defense stages are a little unique in that players must stop wave after wave of monsters. You will need to be extra prepared though, not only because there are more monsters than normal, but also because you will not be able to utilize any statues! Instead there will be special monsters which will give you various benefits upon defeating them.

Special Buffs Description Monster
Stolen Supplies Recovers the Health of all enemies when the caster dies. Dark Goblin Bandit
Hymn of Victory Grants two random buffs for 3 turns to all enemies when the caster dies. Blood-Skull Warlock
Heat Symaqus
Mana Storage Completely reduces skill cooldowns of all enemies and gives 10 Soul when the caster dies. Dark Klineode
(Appears only in World Difficulty)

■ Event Currency

Event Currency Stages Available
Wagon Grass 1~19
Guardian Amulet 20~30

※After the 3rd week, stages 20-30 will open.

■ Rewards

Players can earn quest and reputation rewards as well as event currency, which can be exchanged for the 3★ Hero Bask, the old pocket watch (Memory Imprint item), along with Molagora seeds and a Gold Transmit Stone!

[Exchange Items]

Item Reward Cost Limit
Wagon Grass Old Pocketwatch 100 3
Ancient Creature Nucleus 170 3
Blood Flaked Bone 90 5
Strange Jelly 90 5
MolaGora Seed 190 2
Giga-Phantasma 250 2
Epic Frost Rune 130 1
Greater Frost Rune 20 3
T2-T5 Accessory Chest 90 3
Covenant Bookmarks x5 60 3
Greater Artifact Charm 150 1
Lesser Artifact Charm 50 3
Gold 15
Guardian Amulet Old Pocketwatch 100 2
Fused Nerve 170 2
Small Sun Badge 90 4
Ring of Glory 90 4
MolaGora Seed 190 1
Epic Frost Rune 130 1
Greater Frost Rune 20 3
Greater Ring Charm 110 1
Lesser Ring Charm 40 3
Greater Necklace Charm 110 1
Lesser Necklace Charm 40 3


Reputation Title Reward
Duty 1 1 Leif
Duty 2 1 Leif
Duty 3 1 Leif
Duty 4 1 Leif
Duty 5 1 Leif
Duty 6 1 Leif
Duty 7 1 Leif
Duty 8 1 Leif
Duty 9 1 Leif
Duty 10 1 Leif
Goodness of Heart 1 30,000 Gold
Goodness of Heart 2 50,000 Gold
Goodness of Heart 3 1 Rare Catalyst Chest
Challenging the Impossible 1 30,000 Gold
Challenging the Impossible 2 50,000 Gold
Challenging the Impossible 3 1 Rare Catalyst Chest
Bringer of Hope 1 1 Silver Transmit Stone
Bringer of Hope 2 1 Silver Transmit Stone
Bringer of Hope 3 1 Silver Transmit Stone
Bringer of Hope 4 1 Silver Transmit Stone
Bringer of Hope 5 1 Silver Transmit Stone
Bringer of Hope 6 1 Silver Transmit Stone
Persistence Old Pocketwatch
Bringer of Light 30 Skystones
Resist 1 Lesser Weapon Charm
Treasured Memories 1 Lesser Weapon Charm
Unrelenting Slaughter 1 Lesser Helm Charm
Transcending Death 1 Lesser Armor Charm
Without Hesitation 1 Lesser Armor Charm
Fear 1 Lesser Boot Charm
Destiny 1 Lesser Ring Charm
Dispel the Darkness 1 Lesser Necklace Charm
Remembering the Girl Covenant Bookmarks x15
Hardship 1 Lesser Helm Charm
The Truth of the Past 1 Lesser Boot Charm
All Achievements Complete Reward 1 Gold Transmit Stone


■ Improvements in Side Story rewards and Reputation
1) Treasure chests and the Golden Chest from the Goblin gate now drop event currencies.
– Instead of T2~T3 Heroic equipment from the Goblin Gate, players will receive 15 event currency.

– The chance of dropping T2 (Normal difficulty) and T3 (World difficulty) equipment from treasure chests has been halved, and the chance of obtaining Labyrinth-exclusive equipment has been increased significantly.

2) Conditions for all Side Story Reputation have been re-balanced.

5. Content Balancing Changes

There have been some balancing changes made in multiple areas.

For more detailed information regarding these changes, please see below.


The cost to upgrade equipment using gold has been decreased by 40%.

Grade Lesser Greater Epic
T1 Before 15,675 47,025 141,075
After 9,405 28,215 84,645
T2 Before 17,100 51,300 153,900
After 10,260 30,780 92,340
T3 Before 18,525 55,575 166,725
After 11,115 33,345 100,035
T4 Before 21,375 64,125 192,375
After 12,825 38,475 115,425
T5 Before 25,650 76,950 230,850
After 15,390 46,170 138,510
T6 Before 28,500 85,500 256,500
After 17,100 51,300 153,900


■ Labyrinth

The drop method for Ancient Coins in the Labyrinth has changed.

– Before: In battle and in treasure chests, piles of Ancient Coins would appear according to a certain schedule.

There was a chance that ancient coins could be obtained by battle in addition to finding them in treasure chests and piles of stones.

– After: Now you can obtain ancient coins regardless of probability from battle, and the chances of getting normal equipment and Labyrinth equipment have increased dramatically (the increased rate is proportional to the previous drop rate of Ancient Coins).

The number of Ancient Coins dropped from treasure chests and piles of stones has been changed from 25 to 20.

With these changes players will get more consistent amounts of rewards and will receive more Labyrinth equipment and Ancient Coins by exploring the Labyrinth.

Players expressed frequent dissatisfaction regarding inconsistent amounts of rewards, especially Ancient Coins, thus we are making changes, as listed below.

Labyrinth Zone Amount of Ancient Coins per Zone
Tirel Castle in Chaos Zone 1 5
Zone 2 6
Zone 3 7
Zone 4 8
Zone 5 9
Great Farche Labyrinth Zone 1 9
Zone 2 10
Zone 3 11
Zone 4 12
Zone 5 13
Nixied’s Sanctum Zone 1 13
Zone 2 14
Zone 3 15

The amount of Ancient Coins that can be acquired has changed from 25 to 20. However, since players are guaranteed at least 5 rewards, the total amount received is greater.

6. Other Changes and Bug Fixes

■ Heroes

– An issue in which, when Ravi used her skill “slaughter” against certain monsters, she would attack too closely has been fixed.

– Kikirat v2’s Gatling Gun is now positioned correctly.

■ Artifacts

– The 5★ artifact Elbris Ritual Sword’s text now displays correctly.

■ Battle

– If an ally is killed in battle, they will now properly show injuries upon entering another battle during Adventure Mode.

– An issue in which a change did not occur despite players changing the difficulty settings has been fixed.

– An issue in which the team that was not selected was placed into battle has been fixed.

– The Combat Readiness bar in battle has been improved so that players can more easily see whose turn it is.

– The auto battle button now responds to taps correctly.

– A feature has been added in which players can check how much currency (gold, stigma, etc.) they have earned after the battle.

– Players will no longer be returned to the main lobby upon closing the quick menu in the Battle Menu.

– Players must tap and hold on skill icons longer to see skill descriptions.

■ Monsters

– An issue in which, on levels 9-10 of the Wyvern Hunt, the Wyvern would not do an extra attack when Chloe used her skill “Magic Nail” has been fixed.

– On stage 10-4 of the Adventure, the boss Ravi’s skill “Counterattack” has been fixed so that it now applies properly.

■ Arena

– The NPC teams in the Arena (Normal) increase in difficulty upon being defeated by the player. After the patch, the issue where, even if the player was defeated, the NPC’s level increased has been fixed.

 Dispatch Missions

The issue where, in Dispatch Missions, the bonuses [EXP Reward of all Missions increases by 6%] and [Gold Reward of all Missions increased by 6%] were not applied properly has been fixed.

■ Guild

– An issue in which some players did not see any effect displayed upon checking into their guild to receive a reward has been fixed.

– Removed [Blessing of Sincerity] and any related text from the pop-up that appears when players give Aid to other guild members.

■ Summons and Summon Tickets

– The 5★ hero Cecilia has been added to Covenant Summons.

– The 5★ hero Cecilia has been added to various summon tickets.

■ UI / Other

– In the secret shop and the Hero Detail screen, the icons and the tooltips which appear when tapped have been moved as to not be obscured by your finger.

– The content in the tooltip has been increased in size as to make reading more comfortable.

– The speech bubbles have been changed so that it’s easier to tell who is speaking.

– The Hero Recovery tutorial image has been changed.

– Added extra information which explains the following terms “Increase Critical Hit Damage”, and Increased Critical Hit Resistance.

– An issue in which enabling ‘Disable Summon Notices’ in Settings still allowed summon notices to display has been fixed.

– The error occurring for some players when entering the Shop by tapping the back button on the upper left corner has been fixed.

– An issue in which the text of the “Enhance” and “Promote” button was not correctly aligned with the hero sitting on the right has been fixed.

– Clearing the last stages of any Battle content will now display ‘Completed’.

– Added text about the purification reward to the Abyss UI, which will only appear when player have not yet cleared the 1st floor of the Abyss.
– In the window before battle when selecting a guardian, and tapping back In the Combat Ready screen, select a guardian and view the details and then tap the back button, the UI would not close in the order it was opened and now it has been fixed.

– An issue in the secret shop where certain items sometimes displayed as grayed out has been corrected.

– The length of time players must tap and hold the skill icon during battle to see the skills has been changed.


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