Eternal Capital of 7 days (永远的7日之都) – Steins; Gate Themed ARPG


Recently launched in Open Beta, NetEase’s new gorgeous Action RPG is definitely in to steal some looks with its gorgeous roster of female characters and in-game environment with glaring visual effects. The game is based upon Steins; Gate with a referenced narrative utilizing the notions of time and time travelling.

Raring to play it immediately? You can register for a NetEase account with our account creation guide.

The game features high-adrenaline 3-party member combo where players are able to swap controls between characters fluidly. The entire party will be contributing to the fight, player will be in control of 1 while the other 2 characters will be controlled by A.I. to fight.

There are plenty of exciting cutscenes and transitions in the game, making it an immersive game experience. Players are also able to customize the color palette of their unlocked characters. The game also features unlockable CG artworks based on story progression.

The video above showcases the beautiful characters of the game with the theme song being sung by Konomi Suzuki and written by GARNiDELia (popular Anisong artistes). Be sure to try out the game if you are already interested, you will definitely be impressed by the level of visual quality and polish.

Official Site

Download Links
APK Direct Download (Over 1GB)
iOS AppStore China



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