Eternal Rhapsody – Soft Launch in Malaysia and Philippines


ActionSquare has soft launched their new title, Eternal Rhapsody. Eternal Rhapsody is now available at Google Play Store in the Philippines & Malaysia.

Eternal Rhapsody is a new style RPG combining multi contents such as combat, trading, naval ships and mining. Within the game, each characters are specialized with different abilities such as battle, trading and more. Players will find ideal combination of characters and form parties in order to manage and progress every different contents of the game.

Unlike typical Gacha games, Eternal Rhapsody finds its uniqueness providing a number of fun contents and minimizing endless duplicate battles. Players are encouraged to play the game strategically by utilizing acquired resources, crafted equipment and fully use abilities of the characters. They can also recruit and manage Companions in order to strengthen the party as a whole to progress through the game. It is vital to nurture characters and utilize to obtain specialized abilities of the party.

In Eternal Rhapsody, players can engage numerous battles with their own party, from the scenario to PVP in borderlands. When it comes to naval PVP battles, players can join battles with their ships or attend boss monster raids at the sea. Combat victories present territories to players who won, and players will further contest to secure land and resources.





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