Eternal Sword M – Find Out The Mystery Hidden In This Special OST


Dear time travelers, have you ever been impressed by the beautiful melody in Eternal Sword M? However, there may be one thing you haven’t noticed: a hidden mystery about time and fate! Find the truth of the world by listening to the song below very carefully!

Lyric: The truth of the world

Al libet lai rieta,

Sei im faese lamun shuel,

Hista vor norlo uen is,

I chior umi eria.

Lu faese quallo tupear,

Tul mephere brachiet,

Relar o faroe inri,

Doh holw caiei aben.

Saint singer: The blessed Asuya


Asuya is a famous Utahime in the game, can use songs to strengthen people’s will. And it’s the kind of character that leads you to the secrets of the destruction of the world. You will be deeply moved by her voice.

Comments: Clear night sky and a meteor shower

Close your eyes and listen carefully to the melody, you will see a clear night sky with a meteor shower in your secluded dream.

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