(Event) Bleach Brave Souls – Mid-Autumn Festival


The Mooncake Festival or rather the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming and Klab has created a special event for Bleach Brave Souls. Accompany Ichigo and his team to the Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival and stand a chance to win a 4* Gin and Shinji Card.

Event Details:

kbp_bleach_event5_banner2 kbp_bleach_event5_banner1

Challenge one of the 2 event maps and stand a chance to win their corresponding 4* Cards.

19 Sep 2015 (4pm JPT) – 24 Sep 2015 (15:59 JPT)


Complete all 6 stages (3 stage each banner) and get yourself 30 gems. At the end of every battle, you’ll get yourself a gacha ticket which will randomly reward you with any of the items listed below. The higher the difficulty level you challenge, the higher chance the chance you’ll get to acquire the grand prize which is a 4* Gin or Shinji.
Note: You must challenge the relevant banners to get the relevant character. Challenge the Shinji banner for a chance to win Shinji or Gin Banner to get Gin.

Gacha Ticket Loot table:

Item Quantity
Gold 1000
Gold 2000
Stamina Ticket 1
Endurance Stone (mid) 3
Attack Stone (mid) 3
Defense Stone (mid) 3
Critical Stone (mid) 3
Magic Stone (mid) 3
Experience Stone (small) 5
Experience Stone (mid) 3
4* Shinji (Yukata ver) 1
4* Gin (Yukata ver) 1


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