(Event) Hunter X Hunter Event 57


Finally there’s something new this week for Hunter X Hunter. Join Kurapika and his fellow bodyguard team in their event. Also, there’s a new Zodiac battle this week!

Event One VS Team Leol


We had this event 10 weeks ago. However, I think there’s a new Leol Card you can obtain from the current event. As usual 5 different difficulty levels and 1 Special Condition Battle

kbp_hxh_event57_char1 kbp_hxh_event57_char2 kbp_hxh_event57_char3

Event Two – VS Nostrade Employees


This should be a new event or it’s first rehash. As usual, 5 different difficulty levels for players to challenge.


Event Three – Premium Gacha


The following cards will have a increase drop rate in this week’s Premium Gacha.

kbp_hxh_event57_char5 kbp_hxh_event57_char6

Event Four – Zodiac Battle


Challenge the new Cluck Zodiac Battle and stand a chance to get her card. Remember, there are 7 levels in the challenge and you cannot use gems to revive.


  1. Uhh I’m kind of stuck… I’m new to this game and I really don’t know what I should be doing other than the story mode quests. These are the good things I got from summon.. – 4* Killua with a black shirt. -4* Hisoka hair down and suit -4* Menchi and 5* Knov

    • You should head over to the red missions and do the ones with the blue cards considering you’re a beginner. Gold and Red card missions are no joke, that’s for sure. Try and bring your best characers for this, but otherwise try finishing the story missions first since they give you a good amount of chocorobos and money for leveling. Good luck!

  2. Oh thanks! I can’t really fit my 4* and 5* cards all in since I don’t have a high cost to fit them. I can fit my 4* Killua and then I use weak cards as my other two cards. I’ll try to level up though to increase the cost


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