Exos Heroes Updates Season 2 Episodes ‘The North Wind’


LINE Games Corporation announced that its mobile RPG Exos Heroes has updated its highly anticipated Season 2 episodes: ‘The North Wind’. As the new season starts, players are offered new story chapters and all-new Heroes, systems and contents to explore and collect.

New story chapters and Heroes                                                     

Staged on Brunn, a nation ruled by a young matriarch, Season 2 ‘The North Wind’ picks up where the previous season left off with Zeon severely wounded after confronting Shufraken.

Meet the new Heroes introduced along the story: Neomi the great matriarch of Brunn, and her faithful right-hand men Dorka and Kylock; and master treasure hunter and Zeon’s mentor, Schmid.

Enhance your Heroes further: ‘Signature Force’ and ‘Awaken Hero’, plus the new Dye shop

In the Season 2 update, players’ max account level cap is increased from 55 to 60, and new systems have been added to further enhance the Heroes: ‘Signature Force’ and ‘Character Awakening’.

‘Signature Force’ uses each nation’s representing Fated Hero as a material to boost the abilities and synergies between Heroes with the same nationality.

‘Awaken Hero’ absorbs and transfers additional options of the selected Fated Armor to the Hero. For the Awakened Heroes await new Season Armors to be equipped, which can be acquired in the new equipment dungeons.

More content update details for Season 2 include Dye shop, where players can now color their Heroes to their own tastes.

A number of events celebrating Season 2 are now available

Various events celebrating Exos Heroes’ first massive season update are ready, starting with a week-long ‘Gift for 7 days’ event, which will be available from September 3 to September 24.

Throughout the event period, players will be rewarded with a handful of in-game items for 7 days and will receive new Fated Hero Neomi on the last day. Enhance Neomi and other Heroes’ levels from five stars to six stars for more prizes.

Last but not least, don’t miss the free 77 pulls event that allows players to free Recruit 11 times for 7 days. The free pulls event will run throughout September, from September 3 to October 1.


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