Factions are one of the Many Impressive Ideas in Athenion: Tactical CCG


Athenion: Tactical CCG is packed full of brilliant concepts. There’s the gridded board you play on, the focus on carefully placing all of your units and much, much more. Perhaps the most interesting one though comes in the form of factions. Depending on which one you choose, the game can be really different. 

If you decided to use a Planet Guardians deck, for example, you’re going to be using the Lock skill a lot. This places powerful blockers on the board that can really mess up your opponent. You can use them offensively too, smashing them yourself to power up your other heroes.

The Cyclone Fury faction, on the other hand, are all about movement. They can dart around the board using the Move skill, as well as slicing up enemies with the Backstab skill. And if that wasn’t enough they also have Chain powers that unlock when you’ve played a set number of cards.

The Flame Legion faction utilises the Berserk skill. This makes some of their units even more powerful after they’ve taken damage. Combo this together with some friendly fire skills and you’re on to a winner.

Divine Grace players will instead focus on helping and healing. Using the Aura skill can make even the squishiest units super strong. And the longer your units stay on the board, the better you’re going to do.

Then we’ve got the Tidal Nether faction, who use the Link skill. This lets you combine your units together to make them even more powerful. Some of the Tidal Nether cards have the Freeze skill too, which can trap your opponent’s cards in place.

The Shadow Realm faction prefers to take a darker path. Dark Powers can be unlocked when you play cards on Dark Matter orbs your other units have placed. Then there are cards that respawn when they die, letting you stay in the fight even after death.



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