Faraway Kingdom: Dragon Raiders – English Version Out


Do you like RPG games? Do you wish to control your own Kingdom full of raiders? Do you feel nostalgic playing games with pixelated graphics?  Come rebuild your Kingdom and retake those dungeons conquered by the Red Dragon Army!
TVC from Taiwan:

A quick summary of the game – you build houses to attract raiders to your Kingdom and send them to dungeons to kill monsters.
Raiders will constantly flock into your Kingdom and your job is to recruit those who’s dungeon specialty matches the dungeons that you have already unlocked. You want raiders with matching specialty to dungeons so that your expedition time will be shorten to earn more gold thus expanding your Kingdom much faster.



There’s also raid monsters where you party up your raiders in groups of 3, 6 or 9 to overcome the raid boss. This is where Gacha comes into play. 5* heroes will be able to clear the raids much faster (there’s an enrage mechanic).

kongbakpao_Faraway_game5 kongbakpao_Faraway_game2

Here’s a short video I made with some of the basic gameplay:

If you like RPG and simulation, this is a good game to play to try and it’s top on the Taiwan charts for more then a month.
The game’s was originally from Korea but I’m playing the Chinese version because I can read Chinese.

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Android Link
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English Android Link
English iOS Link



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