Fate/Grand Order Gutentag Omen Adios – AR Shooter Re-release


Specially for the occasion today, Aniplex Inc. has re-released their AR camera shooter game that features iconic chibi-versions of Fate/Grand Order servants! The game looks fairly casual and offers lighthearted fun to “shoot” down many spawning characters with their in-game premium currency. It’s double the fun when you switch on your phone’s camera to play together with the environment you are in.

The screenshots sure offers plenty of cuteness. Fate series fans can go on ahead and try out the game (again)! Ehem.., be sure to try it before they take the game down again. To commemorate this release, the main Japanese version Fate/Grand Order game will also be giving players extra 10 gems (premium currency) in the next 2 days. Hurray!

Official Site

Google Play Link
Apple AppStore Link


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