FFBE – How to get Ramuh


Here’s the fifth Eidolen you can get in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius!

1. Keep playing the game until you unlock the second town in Chapter 3.


2. Talk to the woman with her kid first. Next, go to the Chocobo Store and talk to the old man with quest bubble. The quest requires you to turn in a Turbo-Ether. There are 2 ways to get it (see below).



3. The Ramuh Cave will unlock once you turn in the Turbo-Ether.


The Fight:

To be honest, I was expecting a tough fight but as you can see from the video below, if your units are averaging level 45 and above, you should be able to clear it easily. Keep Balthundara up at all times if you’re worried that your defense isn’t high enough.

How to get Turbo – Ether. 

There are 2 ways to obtain Turbo Ether.

Step 1

The first method and also the easier method is to buy it off the Potion Shop in the second town.


Step 2

The second method requires you to complete a quest in the first town. Accept the quest from the guy indicated on map town map below. Next, obtain quest item from exploration map and return it to the quest giver. You’ll be rewarded with a free Turbo-Ether.



Enjoy your free Ramuh!




  1. I had the same problem as Nakan, but here is the solution:
    -Talk to the woman with her kid in front of the potion shop.
    -Talk to the woman in front of the ability shop.
    -Finally, talk to the old man inside the chocobo shop.

    Hope it helps. 🙂

  2. Hi your walkthrough and guide are big help.

    I would like to know if how can i reach chapter 3? I have two world open Grandshelt and Lanzelt world. I had obtain ifrit, shiva and with your help gholem. I was trying to get rhamu but i cant seem to see the chapter 3.

    Please help. Thanks.


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