Final Blade: Global Pre-Register Begins with Exclusive Rewards!


Final Blade, a RPG masterpiece of a mobile game famous which has been widely popular in South Korea and Taiwan has begun Global pre-registration phase worldwide. Exclusive rewards wait for you when the game officially launches, so don’t miss this chance to pre-register.

Final Blade takes you back to the world of fantasy war in the oriental setting. The story revolves around a legend about the most powerful sword and conflicts between two nations.

Final Blade offers compelling elements of the classic RPG genre including level system, equipping gears, and evolving characters. There are plenty unique modes for everyone such as Adventure, Endless Tower, Daily Dungeons, Raid Boss. More wonderful aspects are Arena and Clan Wars which pit players against each other as a team or as an individual.

Pre-registration Rewards

Pre-registered players will receive a special 5 Star Hero Selector! Tons of rewards from pre-registration and Like & Share mission will be given to you too.

Pre-register here


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