Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Leveling Guide


Compiled a list of places and it’s Experience Value. Hope it helps with your leveling.

Things to take note:
1. If you just started the game, keep doing the main quest line until you’re about rank 4/5. You’ll soon find the stages becoming very difficult. This is when you start grinding the Daily Exp Dungeons.
2. Hop between main quest and Daily Exp Dungeons and maximize your stamina usage while you level up.
3. Once your once units reach an average level of 25, you’re better off leveling at the Exploration Maps as you’ll get Materials, Rank Exp and more Exp/Stam used.
4. There is an Exp cap attached to each Exploration Dungeon. Once your total exp received reach near the cap, you will no longer be able to encounter any monsters (this is more reasonable than the 20 monsters theory).

Exp Dungeon
Difficulty Stamina Unit Exp Rank Exp Recommended Level
Easy 5 7000 60 4
Medium 10 16000 70 10
Hard 15 31000 80 25


Place Stamina Unit Exp Rank Exp Elemental Crystals
Temple 3 150 13 Light, Fire, Earth,Ice
Forest 4 700 52 Wind, Lightning, Water, Dark
Cave 4 2200 62 Water, Earth, Light, Ice
Underground 5 5700 101 Dark, Fire, Wind, Lightning
Passageway 6 11200 127 Light, Earth, Dark, Wind
Swamp 8 15000 172 Dark, Wind, Lightning
Dessert 9 16000 224 Fire, Earth
Valley 10 15000 281 Wind, Light
Ice Mountain  11 26000 307 Water, Ice
 Ruins  12 33000  333 Earth, Lightning, Fire, Light


Note: I can’t farm Dessert properly yet with all the bombs around. Will update as I progress. 

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  1. Team, according to what I have read so far, in the XP dungeon the Xp is divided equally among all units, if I go with only 2 units, will the 31k be splitted between those 2?


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