Final Fantasy Legends – Pre-registration


A week ago, I wrote a quick article on what the game is about. Earlier today, Square Enix has announce the start of the pre-registration for the game. kbp_fflegends_banner2


SE has also released the Theme Song for FFL; Timeless Tomorrow sang by Singer – Lia



Final Fantasy Legends is heavily story driven. The plot is similar to the Chrono Trigger/Cross story line where the main protagonist will travel through time and meet new friends to battle the greatest evil. The game uses the Active-time based system. Players will be able to equip different crystals which contains different Summons and Skills.

kbp_fflegends_game1 kbp_fflegends_game4


Due to the Humans greed and hunger for power, the world is divided into the East and West. Throughout history, the East and the West have gone through countless wars causing the world to split apart.

In the middle of the world, there is a young boy (トゥモロ) who lives on a small island, have always wanted to go on an adventure in the Western state. One day, while our young adventurer was investigating a weird meteor shower, he met a mysterious girl who actually comes from the future.

The 2 young adventurers then began their adventure through time and space, meeting and partying up different people to fight the evil that plague the world.



Pre-register for the game now and get yourself a White Chocobo Summon when the game launches


Pre-register Here


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