Final Fantasy VII – GBIKE : Pre-registration


Remember THE RPG Game that took the world by storm in 1997? Remember that epic chasing scene when Cloud broke out of Shinra building? Yes that’s it! Square Enix have announced in E3 earlier today their new mobile title based on FFVII bike-scene – FFVII-GBike.

The game is a combination of a 3D runner plus hack-n-slash. From the game trailer, we can see Cloud is being chased by soldiers and even Primals. Players not only need to dodge obstacles, but also effectively swing your blade and eliminate enemies. The game is set to release in Autumn in Japan which is at the end of the year. Keep and eye here while I’ll bring you the latest updates.

Enjoy the Trailer

Pre-registration for the game has started!

kongbakpao_ff7gbike_game1 kongbakpao_ff7gbike_game2 kongbakpao_ff7gbike_game3 kongbakpao_ff7gbike_game4

Pre-register Here


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