Final Sky (Cross Summoner English)


It seems that Aeria games have ninja published the English version of the long awaited Cross Summoner. However….

Alright guys, most of you should know what the game is about, you can check out my previous review here. The game is currently out only in India’s google play store and sad to say I have no way of getting the APK now.

If any of you techie people can get the APK, please share and let us know 🙂

Thanks Ed App for this tipoff

Update: See comment for APK and obb file
Update 2: To those of you playing Final Sky, there will be a wiped and official launch will be on the 12 of May

Aeria Games

Android Link – India Playstore



  1. holy shizzzz been waiting for this game!
    my god now gotta wait till its in the america app store for
    IOS TT__TT

  2. Wish they give you option to keep the jap voice, the english dub doesnt give you the “omph” feel when they yel their attack

  3. lowering rate of everything you get in game, which make the Cross Summoner 5/5 star (maybe?) while Final Sky 2/5 star, typical Asian to US mobile games, or should I say, typical Aeria style games


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