Food Fantasy – Soft Launch in Singapore and Philippines


Elex has announced the soft launch of their upcoming mobile game Food Fantasy. The game is currently available only in Singapore and the Philippines and is slated to launch world-wide on the 20th of July.

Food Fantasy is a side-scroller RPG cum Restaurant management game. The main objective of the game is to hunt for your own ingredients and use them in your restaurant.

Before we start, you need to know that the game does not have auto mode for combat and there’s a good reason for it. Although most of the game’s combat is similar to other side scrollers with auto attack and skill portraits, the combat for Food Fantasy has a slight twist. The game includes some mini games that Players have to react fast so that the enemy can be defeated with ease.

For example, certain bosses can perform ultimate attacks that can deal large to one-hit damage on your characters. Players will have to click on the “bulls-eye” icon to interrupt the bosses. Also, when your characters are being frozen by the enemy, you will need to tap on them so that they can break free.

The next important feature of the game is definitely the restaurant management. Although this is not really a real-time restaurant management game, there are many things you can do that will keep you busy.

For example, you will be tasked to develop new recipes for your customers. Players will need to trial and error to discover new recipes (until someone writes a guide). Also, you will need to cook a dish over and over again to improve the grade. This is actually quite a big sink to your energy so you’ll need to pace yourself strategically.

Overall, this is actually a pretty interesting game and I strongly encourage everyone to try it!



Android Link (SG and PH only)



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