Forge of Glory – Review


Recently, I have been looking through the Google Play Store for some interesting English Mobile game to play and I happened to came across Forge of Glory. Published by Kefir!, the game is currently available on the Google Play Store.

Forge of Glory is basically a City-builder game mixed with Match-three RPG battles. Like any other City-building games, Players will need to expand your Castle, build up resource nodes and build up your defenses to prevent enemies from pillaging you. This is just a small part of the game so that they could include a little competitive PvP element.

During PvP, Players will be able to pillage Gold and Stones from your opponents. The Defensive Player is guarded by Monsters while the Offensive teams are made up of Heroes. The Guards will place all kinds of distractions on your Puzzle Board ranging from debuffs, buffs, bleed damage and can even seal your skills.

The RPG element is what really got me hooked to the game. I like playing connect-three puzzle games. In fact, one of the first video games I’ve played in my life was a connect-three puzzle game. The combat is simple, the more same coloured tiles you connect, the higher the damage multiplier of the corresponding coloured Hero. Throughout the game, there will be special tiles on the puzzle board that can help you deal more damage to the monsters. Players will need to plan your moves carefully as the game gets more difficult very quickly.

Finally, it is important for you to upgrade your Heroes so that you can deal more damage and take more hits from the monsters.

Now, let’s talk about the Cash Shop of this game. Without a doubt, this is definitely one of the more expensive games I have ever played. All the important currencies or resources are separated and mostly sold in real cash. For example, Gems are purely for building purposes and cannot be used to purchase extra energy or Summoning Stones. In fact, the only way to acquire more energy is to pay for it or wait it out. It takes 3 minutes to refill 1 energy and at least 10 energy to enter a PvE game.

Another small complain I have about the game is that you can only build or upgrade one building at a time and the only way to hasten this process is by using gems. I expect the game to at least allow 2 upgrades at time or even purchase an extra builder for a fixed cost.

Cost aside, if you’re a F2P user, and you don’t mind playing the game for long-term, this is actually a really fun game which I will recommend you to give it a try.




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