Gamevil to launch 2 Major MMORPG in 2017


GAMEVIL is currently developing two major MMORPG titles. Both titles are planned for release this year. The first game is open world MMORPG Royal Blood, first introduced at Unity conference Unite ’16 Los Angeles. The second title is Project One (tentative title), an open world third-person MMORPG. Both games will use the Unity 5 engine.

While both games titles are mobile MMORPGs, each game will offer varied gameplay experiences. Royal Blood will have procedurally-driven content; players can spontaneously participate in events while exploring the open world. Royal Blood will allow players to compete in 100 vs 100 “Realm versus Realm” battles.

The other game, Project One, is an open-world RPG with full 360 degree camera angles and dynamic movement and combat. Players will have more direct control over their characters and will be able to dodge and jump during battle. Both titles will have top-tier visuals powered by the Unity 5 engine, and each title will take advantage of the mobile platform’s latest advancements in technology to create an immersive experience.


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