Gardevoir Joins Pokémon Unite As First New Pokemon


Pokémon Unite has announced that Gardevoir will be the first Pokemon to join the current roster.

For those of you who have played the Mobile Beta back in June, you would have already seen Gardevoir in action. I’ve managed to put in 1 game while writing this article and here is my first impression of her.

Gardevoir is a ranged attacker who specializes in AOE attacks. She’s a glass cannon thus always remember to attack far away from the main battleground. She’s a little helpless pre-level 6 but luckily she gets to teleport quickly away from danger with her Ability2 (A2). Unlike most Pokemon, you get to level up her A2 first at level 6.

Ability to Learn

Psyshock is definitely the favourite here as you can attack the enemies 3 times in an area. For her A1, you’ll want to choose base on the opponent’s team composition and strength. If you’re leaning more towards attacking, I suggest getting Psychic to further strengthen your attacks or you can learn Moonblast for a more safe play approach.

That’s all I have for Gardevoir! Can’t wait to put more games onto her. Next week we should be having Blastoise followed by Blissey in 2.



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