Girls Frontline – Pre-registration


SUNBORN has announced the pre-registration campaign for their upcoming mobile game, Girls Frontline. If you like girls with guns, you’ll definitely want to check this one out!

From the screenshots, Girls Frontline seems like a SLG, Castle Defense type game where Players have to strategically “summon” units to the battlefield.

The game is designed by dozen of top Chinese Art designers while voice-overed by many well-known Japanese voice Actresses.

The combat of Girls’ Frontline is divided into two parts, the tactical deployment stage and the real-time battle stage.

In the deployment stage, players need to arrange their combat echelons on the map according to their current Action Points and give various orders to achieve different tactical goals.

In the combat stage, players need to adjust combat units’ position, in order to focus the firepower, share damages, avoid attacks and take other tactical movements; meanwhile, players can also use support fairies to cover their troops in order to claim their victories with less loss.

Pre-register now and unlock yourself some milestone rewards for when the game releases.

Pre-register here


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