Global Pre-registration for ‘Zio and the Magic Scrolls’


Super Planet, a developer and publisher of mobile games, adapted a global popular fantasy NAVER WEBTOON webcomic into the idle mobile game <Zio and the Magic Scrolls>.

This game is different from the old AFK games by adding magic scrolls to the 5v5 auto battle. Players can use magic scrolls as limited special moves during battle, which will make it difficult to predict victory or defeat, giving way to an even more thrilling game.

In addition, as the game progresses, the hidden story of the main character ‘Zio’ and the land of ‘Aerok’, which is revealed more and more, as it would in an epic tale. The splendid magic battle graphics that can only be seen in <Zio and the Magic Scrolls> further enhance the visual fun for the players.

Pre-registrations for <Zio and the Magic Scrolls> are available on the Play Store and App Store in 170 countries around the world, including North America and Western Europe, and the game will also be available in 13 different languages, allowing more users to explore this incredible fantasy world.

Without further ado, we would like to introduce the three main characteristics that we hope will make you appreciate <Zio and the Magic Scrolls>.

  1. Become a powerful mage thanks to the magic scrolls!

Attack, Buff, Debuff, CC!

The scroll, which is divided into four parts, is a powerful special move in itself, but it requires a great strategy when using it. This is because scrolls are a source of incredible magic: before the battle, you can choose only three scrolls which can be used only once as the ultimate battle magic. Its use is limited, but its power is formidable!! The player will therefore have to be a good strategist when using the scrolls.

  1. Be the manager of your own team!

God, Human, Demon, and Power!

Creating the strongest dream team is simple. Normal heroes are divided into three classes, ‘God, Human and Demon’, and Transcendental Heroes have ‘powers’ that give additional abilities to the entire team, not to the class. In addition, heroes will have their own jobs. Form your own dream team, considering their lineage and occupation.

  1. No hero left behind!

If only 5 of the 27 heroes can be taken to battle, should the remaining heroes be discarded? No, <Zio and the Magic Scrolls> has a ‘Supporter’ function. By placing 5 people who are not participating in battle as Supporters, you can use as many heroes as possible while gaining additional combat power.

In addition, some heroes will be tied with a ‘connection’, depending on the relationships between heroes, providing additional abilities that will be revealed as the players explore the story.

If you are fascinated by these three characteristics, you are ready to become a mage. If you apply for a pre-registration in the Play Store and App Store, you will be able to become a Mage in Aerok before anyone else.

Pre-Register now!!!


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