God Eater: Resonant Ops – Japan Release


God Eater IP’s latest mobile game has just been released by Bandai Namco! After God Eater Online (which didn’t turn out that fun), this is the 2nd mobile title that is released under the same IP. Resonant Ops features a sophisticated turn-based combat system as opposed to a real-time combat one traditional to the game series.

The game currently features a mixed-type Gacha system where players have a chance to summon either a God-Eater character or a God-Arc weapon from the summoning pool. Summoned characters serve as support characters to the protagonists with their passive and active abilities. There are 3-stars and up to 5-stars as the best rarity for both support characters and weapons. Characters and weapons are unique by their rock-paper-scissors attack types (Blunt > Pierce > Slash > Blunt) and 5 elemental types (Fire, Ice, Lightning, God, Element-less).

The questing of the game goes chapter by chapter where the narrative unfolds with their brand new characters. Each level offers 3 different difficulties that provides improved amount of experience and better rewards. Harder difficulties have to be unlocked after completing the Normal ones.

The combat of the game requires player to strategically use correct actions to gather enough resources to execute certain activated attacks such as Burst and Devour. Aragami enemy bosses can also go into an activated frenzy mode when they have much higher attributes so players are advised to time their turns carefully during then. There is an auto-attack option available for those that have a great team to breeze through certain quests.

Are you ready to devour some Aragami and bring peace back to Fenrir? Good luck with your Gacha summoning!

Official Site

Platforms (JP)
Google Play (Pending link)
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