GoetiaX Global – Pre-registration Campaign Begin


GoetiaX is a RPG game developed by Appspirits and licensed by Funmily Corporation Ltd. Players explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland and join other players in cooperative battles against different enemies. The game includes a bountiful story, unique art, and Live 2D technology allowing the players to interact with their favorite characters in and out of battle!

The story is set in a world destroyed by the Divine. A group of Angels rebelled against their maker and became “Fallen”; and human “mages” allied themselves with the Fallen to fight in what is known as the “Heaven’s War”. It has been 500 years since then, and the mages and Fallens still continue their struggle.

The story takes inspiration from the Key of Solomon along with Japanese animated art style. Players are able to control a team of 4 and also field in 3 teams at the same time allowing a formation of 12 characters. Characters can use their skills and eventually gather strength to unleash a powerful Limit Burst ability if they have any.

GoetiaX is now available for preregistration. Just enter the preregistration site and register yourself for news on game launch. Also, adding the official Twitter account and Facebook page will allow you to be updated on any current news on the game.

Pre-registration rewards will be given out after the game officially launches.

Pre-register Here


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