Grand Chase M – EU Launch


NeoBricks GmbH has announced the launch of their first mobile title, Grand Chase M. Players from EU can now download the game from your local Play Store.

The game has actually been out in the South East Asia region for quite some time now and finally, NeoBricks has decided to publish the game solely for the EU Players. GrandChase M is basically a side-scroller RPG Mobile game developed by DAVINCI Games based on the popular MMO, Grand Chase.

War rages within the kingdoms of Serdin and Kanaban. Villages lie pillaged, cities burn, the world is drowning in ultimate chaos! All remaining hope lies with the brave warriors of the Grand Chase. Now it’s down to you. Command this order of elite fighters and lead them to glory in the fight against the evil witch Kaze’aze and her foul minions!

Neobricks GmbH


Android Link (EU only)


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