Grand Sphere


From the publishers of Bravely Default, Silicon Studio has recently released their latest mobile game, Grand Sphere. The game is out on the Japanese App and Play store.

Grand Sphere can be a little bit complicated if you’re not familiar with the Japanese lanuge or Japanese Mobile game. Although it seems like a simple tapping game, players will need to strategise their attacks by swapping portraits position to deal maximum damage, slide the portrait up to use character skills or slide them down to use your weapon’s skill.

kbp_grandsphere_game5 kbp_grandsphere_game4


Grand Sphere provides players with top notch gaming experience even on a mobile device. The main scenario quest is fully voice-overed, Players can partake in PVP or 4 player coop battles. There’s also a in game chatting system which is not so common in Japanese mobile games.

kbp_grandsphere_game3 kbp_grandsphere_game6


Grand Sphere is out now on both the Japanese Android and Apple Store. I’ve tried the game for a bit and it isn’t really my type of game however, the game is doing quite well in Japan. Who knows, you guys might like it! The game’s from Silicon Studio afterall.

Silicon Studio

Android Link
iOS Link




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