Grand Summoners – Basic UI Guide


Here’s the basic UI translation for Grand Summoners. As there are tons of other information that you should know about the game, be sure to check back here often as I break it down for you!

Disclaimer: I can’t read Japanese so if there are any mistakes in the guide, please don’t fault me. However, please do point out to me the mistakes in the comment box below so that I can edit them and help out the newer players.



No. Title Description
1 IGN Your Nickname
2 Rank Exp
3 Gold Ingame Currency
4 Gems Cash Currency
5 Action Points Stamina – Regenerate 1 every 3 minutes
6 Mailbox Collect your goodies here
7 Notice
8 Menu
9 Exploration Main Story and Event
10 Coop Join a Co-op Event
11 Home
12 Character Page
13 Town
14 Cash Shop
15 Gacha
16 Friend List

Character Page


Enhance Unit – Increase Unit Level
Evolve Unit – Upgrade Unit Rarity
Awaken – Feed the same unit to increase Luck and Stats

Luck – Increase Chance of getting extra Item when Battle ends
Equipment – Each unit can equip 3 equipment. The rarity of equipment that a unit can equip is limited by that particular slot’s max rarity level. For example, in the unit above, you can equip a 1* to 5* equipment in slot 1 (Top) but you can only equip 1* or 2* item in slot 2. You can only equip a 1* weapon in slot 3. You can increase the rarity level of your equipment slot by Awakening your unit.

Effect Target
aoe AOE – Buffs and Heals to Allies
specific Buff or Heals on 1 Target
singletarget Self Buff or usually Attack Target



There’s quite a bit of stuff to talk about for the combat system. I will cover the combat stuff in detail on a separate guide. The only thing you need to take note for now is the positioning of your units. If your unit is not in line with the monster, the skills that you cast will not hit anything. For example, in the picture below if your unit is standing in “Line 1”, the skill that it cast will not be able to hit the monster in “Line 3”.



town-1 town-2





Sell unwanted equipment for Alchemy Currency which can be used to buy keys for EXP/Gold Dungeon or Alchemy Summons


quest quest2

Restaurant – Eat food for Buffs


Cash Shop



gacha_unit gacha_weapon




There is co-op gameplay in the game where you’ll be able to party with 3 other people to take on anything in the Events Page. The creator of the room will have to “pay” the AP or Keys required to access the Event Dungeon/Daily Dungeon/Exp or Gold Dungeon.

Creating a Room

You can create a room by going to the Event Page and choose the multiplayer icon.


You can tap on the units portrait and confirm with the Left option to kick unwanted players.

Joining a Room

You can join a room by tapping on the multiplayer option in the Home page.


Currently, it’s really difficult to join an open room as the game just launched. It is best to get a party of 4 and rotate your AP or Keys to maximize Co-op time.



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