Grand Summoners – Reroll, Rates and Ranking,


Let’s talk about the 3 R’s that most of you are interested in! How to reroll. What are the 5* rates and the 5* Ranking. For the UI guide, check here.

Disclaimer: Guides are created based on my 3 days of playing and some translation from the Japanese Wiki site. Lastly, names of units are google translated, if you’re able to read Japanese and translate them to English, please leave a comment below.

How to reroll:

The only way to reroll now is to clear Data (Android) or reinstall the game (iOS). Play through the tutorial and collect 175 Gems from your mailbox (as of 4/12/2016).

The ideal situation is to do 2×10 Units Summon and get at least 2-3 Potential 5* units. As for the remainding gems, do 2×10 Weapons Summon for your units.

Coop Gems – You can get gems by doing coop Dungeons with other people. However, it must be unique people, which means you will not get gems if you’re partying the same person.

First 10 Unique Coop Players – 5 gems each
11 – 101 Unique Players – 1 gem each

Note: For those of you who already have a decent account, you can continue to reroll on another device, sell off all the units and use the Alchemy Points to buy Keys for the EXP Dungeon. Open only the Hard Mode Dungeon (10 Keys).

Transfer Account:

Step 1: Choose the Menu from Home Page.
Step 2: Choose the 5th Option.
Step 3: Enter your Email address and Password.

menu transfer

5* Rates

Based on a few Japanese Wiki websites, the rate for getting 5* units is about 5%

Unit Ranking

Starter Units and Alchemy Summon:
Sadly, there’s no ranking for this yet but I’ll just break down the advantages for each different starters. Do note that the 3 starter units and the 2 other Alchemy Units can go up to 5* and are actually better than some of the Gacha 5* units.

Image Name Strength
clyde Clyde High HP and Attack
High Limit Break Damage
colsa Als Can equip Physical and Magical Weapons
High Break skill
als Colsa Can equip Physical and Magical Weapons
Skill has chance to freeze target
fina Fina Skill does Light damage and regenerates her own HP
regulos Regulos High HP and Attack
Skill can absorb 6% of HP damage


Gacha Units

Check back often as the list might change any time as the game is still new.


Image Name Strength
hark Hark High Water LB (7100%)
Highest “Break” Unit (3100)
leading Lead High Water LB (7200%) with 15% Party ATK Buff for 15s
valhallal Valhalla Only Healer at 5*
abaddon Abaddon High Dark LB (7380%) with 15% Attack down on enemy for 15s
Skill has a chance to blind enemy


A Rank

Image Name Strength
laguna Laguna High Fire LB (8200%)
Resiste Paralysis and Blind
eden Eden LB Reduces 20% Damage to Party for 15s
Skill has a chance to Silence enemy
dalugion Dalugion High Fire LB (7350%)
Skill has a chance to Burn enemy
vaido Vaido High Break Damage LB and Skill
elufala Elufala High Dark LB (700%)
Skill has chance to paralyze enemy
lily Lily I have her, shes bad… reroll


  1. I don’t really get the transfer account thing. Do I enter any email and password and then just use that at the login page to get my account to another device?

  2. If you are a rooted user you can reroll by entering in the data/data folder and then in the folder of the game that is something like jp.goodsmilecompany or something like that them in the shared_prefs folder there is a Cocos2dx file, delete it and done you can reroll without downloading the whole game again

  3. Can you make a guide on getting the 5 star evolution materials? I’m redoing the 4 stars level over and over and i haven’t gotten a single one.

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