GrandChase M – Pre-registration


The Pre-registration event for GrandChase M has started recently. However, Players from different region will need to take note on where to pre-register for the game. Read on to find out more!

GrandChase M is a brand new side-scrolling RPG Mobile game developed by DAVINCI Games based on the popular MMO, Grand Chase (Elsword). The game brings players to the fight against the evil maleficent, KazeAaze. To describe similarities, the game feels like a mixture of DotArena/Hero Charge combined with the typical Korean Style Monster Breeding game.


From the original Action Side-Scroller to the latest Turn-based System, GrandChase M promises to capture the heart of Mobile Players with their Flashy yet simple to control Skill System.

Check out my short gameplay video of the game:

As for Pre-registration, the South-East Asian version will be published by CherryCredits while US/EU/Global version will most probably be published by Eyedentity Games themselves. Do note that they are 2 different Pre-registration Sites.

South East Asian Players:
Pre-register Here

US/EU/Global Players:
Pre-register Here




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