Guardian Hunter Updates Guild Battle and Live Co-Op Play!


NHN Entertainment has announced a brand new update for Guardian Hunter. Players can now participate in Guild Battles and Live Co-op play. Also, our friends at NHN has given some codes to share with 20 lucky winners! Read on to find out more.

With the new Live Co-Op system, you can bring your friends with you into levels to hunt down bosses, beat tricky levels, and just show off your Guardians’ skills! Take on intense raid bosses with your friends! Be the first to beat the New Area, Astanian Temple! New stages with new monsters to fight and new Guardians to collect accompany this quest to aid the mysterious Lupe. Conquer your enemies in Guardian Hunter!

BossRaid3 BossRaid1 BossRaid2

Key Features of the Update

  • Live Co-Op! – Play with Friends and Allies in real time with live co-op! Raid the boss monsters and fight for epic equipment in hundreds of stages.
  • New Area: Astania Temple – Explore the new area of the Astania Temple. Help Lupe fight the new monsters, summon new Guardians, and clear the 5 new stages of this realm.
  • Guild Battle – Compete against dozens of Guilds in the Guild Battle. Create your team and coordinate with your Guild Master to annihilate your opponents!  Use your strength, magic, and strategy to overcome your foes.
  • New Gem Equipment System – Empower your weapons and armor by socketing them with elemental gems. Give unique attributes such as fire and ice damage to your weapons or soak up damage by equipping the gems to your armor.
  • Pop-Up Special Shop – Expand your options with new Pop-Up stores where you’ll have access to new sales and cooler items!



  1. Players can redeem the code by going to Menu > Option > Coupon.
  2. Each Player can only redeem key code so there’s no point getting multiple keys.
  3. Enjoy!


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