Guardian Stone Close Beta


Finally, the long awaited Close Beta for Guardian Stone is here (Android users only). Players who waiting for the game can now hop on to it and try the game.

For those of you who are interested to try the game and help catch some bugs, you can now download the game on the Google Playstore. For those of you living outside US or CA, our friends at Toast has also decided to release the APK files for your guys to download the game.

Please note that this Close Beta will only be open for a week and all data will be WIPED when beta ends. Here are some of the Close Beta events installed for us.

Event 1: Daily Bug Squash!
Attention Beta testers! Win $10 Google Play Gift Card. Contribute your bugs and technical issues by posting on our official forums! The more bugs we received from you, the higher the chance to win! (click here to submit your but report)!

Event 2: Daily Feedback Report!
We read all feedback! Give us feedback everyday and win $10 Google Play Gift Card! The winners will be determine on the quality of your feedback! (click here to submit your feedback)!

Don’t forget to participate on our survey to earn extra rewards! (click here to fill out the survey)!

Event 3: Video Event
Record a battle gameplay and post it on YouTube! Share with us the link on the forum to receive $10 Google Play Gift Card after Closed Beta ends!

How the participate:
1. Post a battle gameplay on YouTube.
2. Give us the link on the forum thread.
3. We will pick 5 winners after Closed Beta ends.

Event 4: Facebook Screenshot Event
Take a screenshot every other and post on our wall to have a chance to receive $10 Google Play Gift Card!
Facebook URL:

How to participate:
1. Day 1 Character Screenshot.
2. Day 3 Battle Screenshot.
3. Day 5 Favorite Monster Screenshot.
4. Day 7 Guardian Collection.

Event 5: Hash Tag #GuardianStoneCBT
Follow us on Twitter @ and 5 winners will be chosen to receive $10 Google Play Gift Card after Closed Beta ends if we receive 50 hash tag with #GuardianStoneCBT and your comment about Guardian Stone. Here’s a sample: I love Guardian Stone #GuardianStoneCBT

I will be having an interview with the publishers. If you guys have any burning questions to ask them, please leave a comment below and I’ll bring up the more popular questions to them. Have fun guys!

Android Link
Download APK File Here


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