(Guide) FFBE – How to get Shiva


Alright guys, here’s the last Summon you can get with the launch build, Ice Queen Shiva.

  1. Unlock the Exploration for Ice Wolf Mountain


2. Kill the boss in the cave (mark 1 on screenshot) and a new route (mark 2 on screenshot) will be unlocked. Follow the new route and exit from there to unlock the Shiva Mountain.
Note: This is a very good map for leveling but you will need alot of antidote and Mana potion if you’re only running one healer. I recommend coming here when your team is level 35 and above. You can check out leveling guide here


3. Shiva Cave unlocked!




  1. Hi Kungbakpao, i used a second exit but i just obtaine the access to an secret village, are your shure there don’t have a third exit than i certainly used.

  2. I did mistake…i abandoned exploration after kill boss…when second exploration after boss defeat…the path didnt open for me to get shiva…..what must i do…plz help this newbie…

  3. FFBE newbie, I had the same problem, whta you have to do is cross the tree bridge thats near the spot shown. Then go to the northeast until you reach the cave and then its straightforward from there. The map this website gives is a little misguiding. Hope that helps!


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