Heart Castle – Giveaway


Hello Heroes! If you haven’t tried heart castle yet, here’s a giveaway to kickstart your journey in this gwiyeo (cute) world of Alice in Wonderland.


Asiasoft had recently launched their new mobile game, Heart Castle just 2 weeks ago on both the App and Play store. To celebrate and help new players kickstart the game, the friendly people at Asiasoft has decided to give you lucky players a free Gacha coupon. This code will enable you to Gacha a random pet (of all rarity). Each account may only redeem a code once so… please try not to steal all the codes as it’s useless to do so.

[keys id=3762]

How to Redeem:

1. Go to “Coupon”

2. Select “Redemption”

3. Proceed to “SG Reader Package”

4. Key in the code!

Note: The game is currently launched in the Southeast Asia region only. iOS users can create a SEA account to download the game. As for Android users.. I’ll see what I can do. 


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