Heaven Burns Red – Pre-registration Begin


Wright Flyer Studios together with Key Studios have come together to announce their upcoming mobile game, Heaven Burns Red. The game is slated to release in 2021.

First announced back in 2018, the game is finally ready to be release this year. Based on the trailer, the game seems to be a turn-based RPG with an open-world for Players to explore. The game looks really good with console level graphics and 3D character models.


Earth is on the verge of being attacked by a mysterious life-form called “Cancer.” The weapons developed by humanity thus far have been ineffective against it. Lacking a means to repel the enemy, humanity was tragically defeated. The lands were abandoned, and the ravages of war led to many countries being wiped off the map. And much of the land is now under the Cancer’s control.

With little time left and extinction on the horizon, humanity developed a new weapon—the ultimate weapon: “Seraph.” Only those equipped with a Seraph can effectively damage the Cancer. Having gathered those who have mastered the art of Seraph manipulation, humanity established the Seraph Corps as its last hope.

Those who could manipulate Seraphs all had one thing in common: they were girls with some sort of talent. Ruka Kayamori is among them. And so she, too, throws herself into battle against the Cancer.


Pre-register for the game now and unlock the 10x Gacha ticket when it hits the 300,000 pre-registration milestone!

Pre-register Here

PS: There’s an official English website for the game


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