Heroes War: Counterattack Launches Today


Zombie-ridden turn-based mobile RPG Heroes War: Counterattack is now available for Apple App Store and Google Play Store users. The latest mobile game from publisher Com2uS, Heroes War: Counterattack is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a deadly disease, known as the “Z Virus,” has wiped out most of humanity. Players devote themselves to one of two warring factions and must simultaneously survive the growing infected population.

Dormant under glaciers, the Z Virus was released due to global warming and soon wreaked havoc on over 30 percent of the human population in the world of Heroes War: Counterattack. A massive corporation rushes to produce a vaccine, but it proves futile against the rapid spread of the virus. With humanity crippled by the Z Virus, Heroes War: Counterattack has players command one of two factions: Survivors Union, a force of non-infected humans using powerful and mysterious “Neostones,” or the Harz Alliance, infected but conscious humans gifted with superhuman abilities from the virus.

Heroes War: Counterattack’s strategic RPG gameplay includes hours of PvE and PvP content surrounded by an innovative battle system that combines classic turn-based strategy with a new counterattacking mechanic that lets players turn the tide of any fight.

There’s also less focus on collecting new characters than most games in the genre, instead opting for a robust character development system. Players looking for a story-driven single-player experience can check out the PvE portion which includes:

  • A campaign for each faction that examines the lore behind the Survivors Union and the Harz Alliance with various dungeons and story chapters
  • Battle Center which encompasses a variety of different dungeons and rewards players with Badges, Cores and EXP Boosters
  • Trace Specimens mode, which pits players against bosses, Isard and Trivia, in order to farm equipment

Players looking to go head-to-head in multiplayer can check out the following PvP modes:

  • Arena – An asynchronous multiplayer mode where players battle it out to earn Arena Points
  • Mercenary Missions – These include “Search” and “Occupation” missions. Search tasks players to find and destroy as many hidden Blowbys as possible. Occupation has players control and hold bases with battle reinforcements. Rewards for completing Mercenary missions include Gold and Mercenary points.



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