Hunter X Hunter Event 23 – Sky Arena 4


Sky Arena is back and just in time for Christmas!





Season 4 of Sky Arena is back, and with it is a new Illumi card for players to collect. Players will have to battle all the way to the 140th floor to get Illumi. Players are still able to acquire the previous sky arena cards such as Killua, Hisoka and Lucifier at the 110th,70th and 120th floor respectively.




Event Map:

As for this week’s event, it’s the rehash event for Leo. Players will stand a chance to get the Leo card while collecting materials for mega-evolving Morau and Knov.

kongbakpao_hxh_event23_char4 kongbakpao_hxh_event23_char3
Author’s Notes:

Hi Hunters, there won’t be any giveaway for season 4 sky arena as I need the $$ for the site’s revamp. So unless we have sponsors for it, we’ll have to wait for season 5 to continue our mini race contest. With that, I wish all Hunters a



  1. They changed the leol stage, you relly need a good suporter lile Kite,Knov or Kiñlua from pufu event

    Im loking fpr those in my friend list and boost speed and range with ultimate hisoka

  2. Well, using just a friend’s Knov (5*) and a bad support for him, I was able to clear the super class mission.

    You just have to use Knov’s special every time it’s available.

    Also, what the hell? 8 attacks on that Illumi? That is beast, specially with the first ability enabled.

        • Some people do have this issue and the only thing you can do is closing the app and trying again. It’s a issue with the game and that’s why you get a free gem.

          • Damn, another evo for Meruem, and here mine is still at first form, because I want the abilities. lol

            Anyway, hoping for a 5* evo for Ging.

            Which 4* Materials did you get? The ones for Knov? I need to 5* Killua, Silva and Zeno, but I couldn’t find even ONE 4* Material for that. =/

  3. Man they make the new Netero premium too, so what the actual @#! are we going to get in the new event?

    why the must be so greedy 🙁

  4. I’ll go to get Killua Shippujinrai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even if Netero has 91823798127312739812 damage or 20 x 1000 attack, I prefer spend money on Killua gacha… My adult Gon needs him… luckly Alluka is already there for heal his wounds! But he needs someone for carry him!

  5. So Kira, considering you’re the one who knows the most about this game here, together with Kastro:

    which of the extreme evolutions you think are the best ones?

    I believe I have most of the cards that can be extreme evolved waiting, and I’m about to level the second level 45 orb. Who should I focus on? I already have the Kurapika tank and the Leorio evolved.

    I think the only ones I can’t extreme evolve are the Disguised Kurapika (because I only have him as 4*) and the Kite (obviously)


    • Most of the extreme evolves aren’t worth it except for their support skills. I would personally wait evolving unless you have their abilities maxed out and seeing as the next event+ new year gacha is coming i would save the orbs for future evolves. But here are the few extreme evolves that i find good.

      Hisoka is great for speed+range support and can deal nice dmg to certain types.
      Shizuku with atleast her first ability makes her the best healer so far with 1300hp.
      Kortopi is the best support for enhancers like 5* Gon because it gives x3 dmg+50 def.(This is the only one i have out of this list)
      Biscuit as support gives +75 def, 2.5x dmg
      Disguised Kurapika has the same support as Biscuit but only for the blue and yellow types.It also has the best range, atk speed for a 4* wizard without abilities.

      • Thanks for the in depth answer.

        Unfortunately, I don’t have Shizuku nor Kortopi available to extreme evolve.

        I’m inclined to evolve Hisoka, since I have him with all abilities, missing only the one he’d get after evolving.

        I’d say I’m well served on healers right now, too.

        So, what about the Wing extreme evolution? Not worth, now that we have the 4* Fighter Wing, right?

    • Kira said everything, I have nothing to add.

      The best extreme evolutions for me is Kortopi, it’s really the best choice especially if you possess 5* Gon. To complete the list you have also Biske, disguised Kurapika, Shizuku and Hisoka.

      I have all extreme evolutions gacha and the ones I mentioned above are what I use most (as support)

      You can keep your orbs for a new extreme evolution in future, but if you want to get one now I advise you those mentioned above.

    • You can’t use dead Kite as a playable character. He is used to evolve the angry Gon to 5*. This is indicated by the blue icon which makes it a evolve material.

      • Thank you so much .

        How to get 4 * materials and how to finish Next Map Arc 2-4 . so for my bad english im from philippines . rank 70+ ..

    • Angry Gon was available last event as premium gacha. Killua 5* will be available tomorrow after the new update in the new years gacha. 4* materials drop in the 40 stamina event missions.

    • I currently have saved up 90 gems on my main account and 60 on my test account. Hopefully the droprate will be higher in the new year gacha so everyone can get 5* Killua and the new 5* Netero

    • Yeah yellow 4* Materials they are the most difficult to obtain. 3x 4* for your 3 gacha is very much, just hope to see material in Biske shop soon or a event with high chances to get it.

  6. I can’t believe this…. I’m about to cry… 345€ spent and yet not killua shippujinrai… only lots of gon tank and knuckle…..

  7. Guys,for today there is an HIGH possibility to get Netero and Meruem? Because i wanted to try to get Killua but it seems impossible…so i’m thinking to try with Meruem,is a beast.

    • For 24 hours the chances to get Netero and Meruem are increased, I used 80 gems and it’s at my last attempt that I got Netero. It’s really a matter of luck.

      I think you have more chance to get Netero than Meruem, many of my friends got Netero. But you must know that you can get none of them, I wish for you to get that you want.

  8. After 358,3€, which is 435,45$… I have NOT received Killua Shippujinrai!!! I spent ALL MY MONEY!!! ALL MY MONEY!! 183 TRIES!!! AND NO KILLUA SHIPPUJINRAI!!!!

    • I will publish a video of 2 hours about my gacha result in Killua Gacha tomorrow, I’m waiting for answer… The video is really for cry. Ok, I got other nice characters maximized, but MY ONLY TARGET WAS KILLUA SHIPPUJINRAI! >:(

        • I bet you could have gotten a maxed Netero/King out of those gems. Gacha rolls is gambling so there is no guaranty you will get the character you want.

          • Yeah but I wanted Killua not Netero nor King. Tell “there is not guarantee” to those who spent 1~300 jewels and got not one but even three Killua Shippujinrais. I got 9 limited Killuas, but none of those were Shippujinrai. Also I got for have a max Kurapika scarlet eyes, and Wing, and got two maxed Gon Tank, and almost two maxed Knuckle, maxed Kalluto, Maxed Nobunaga, Maxed Shizuku, Maxed Phinks, three “pro” Shalnark, three “pro” Feitangs, two Gon Ball, two Kastros celestial tower, three Hisokas, three Macho Biscuit, four or five Biscuit melee, a maxed Feitang, Max Neferpitou, max Kuroro, almost Max Zeno, two black-clothes Kurapika but both 4 STARS!, three Shoot 3 stars, 2 Kite 3 stars, 1 Kite 5 Stars, 1 Silva 5 Stars, Max Bonolenov, Max Machi, Max Uvogin, and more characters I don’t remember… Holy fuck, I have practically every NON-LIMITED gacha maxed, and ALMOST maxed Killua gentle-brother (just need a card more). The only characters that I don’t received at any star from this gacha was “Pro” Shizuku, “Pro” Bonolenov, “Pro” Phinks and Killua Shippujinrai. I will wait until tomorrow to spend my last 50 jewels on try get Killua Shippujinrai, if I don’t get him, I will “kill someone” (maybe commit suicide or something).

          • By the way sorry if sometimes I’m being rude, is just that I am really angry, never spent this amount of money on a game, and now I have mixed feels of sorrow and anger.


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