Hunter X Hunter Event 34 – vs Kite


This week, we have tons of new cards for Hunter X Hunter from the new event, Sky Arena, Premium Gacha and the White Valentines special Gacha. Read on to find out more.

Event One – VS Kite


This week, we have a brand new event (I think) with 5 difficulty levels. Complete any of the level to get this brand new defensive Kite card.

Event Two – Sky Arena 6


Sky arena is back for the next 2 weeks. As usual, 10 more levels were added to the Arena and we’re at level 150 this season. This season’s special card is a brand new Netero card which you can obtain by reaching level 50 and 150 of the Arena. Another good news people! NO MORE WING as your feeder reward. Satotz will be taking over the feeder reward role.



Event 3 – Premium Gacha

This week, we have a new version of the Catwoman Pitou and others in the premium Gacha. Take a look here:

kongbakpao_hxh_event34_char3 kongbakpao_hxh_event34_char4

kongbakpao_hxh_event34_char5 kongbakpao_hxh_event34_char6


Event 4 – White Valentine Premium Gacha


To celebrate White Valentine, there will be a special festival only premium gacha machine. Players will get a chance to obtain one of these cute Gon and friends card.

kongbakpao_hxh_event34_char7 kongbakpao_hxh_event34_char8

kongbakpao_hxh_event34_char9 kongbakpao_hxh_event34_char10

kongbakpao_hxh_event34_char11 kongbakpao_hxh_event34_char12




  1. Thanks for the explanations, I always check this site out for HxH BAS, keep up the amazing work. I’m sure a lot of other english players feel the same way.

  2. Been playing for a week. This game so far has interested me (been a HxH fan but I didn’t expect much when starting the game). Really wish there’d be an English community for it. I searched through many wiki sites but google translate doesn’t help much lol 😀 Still confused about some aspects of the game.

    • Yeah I felt the same way, some people on this site helped me understand a lot about this game. I still wish there was a bigger english community, like some type of forum or a chat group.

  3. 1-Beat the dragon and a new area will open left of the castle
    2-open your inventory(left bag) and go to the letter for the hxh serial code
    3-input this code in
    4- input your hxh info in to get a code for
    5- all the letters in the mailbox should open now and you will now also get the items in HxH

    The items are 1 gem, 5 gems, 2* healer biscuit and 5×5* normal robots

  4. Ok, I’ve defeated the dragon, but I don’t know what to do next/what letter am I supposed to be seeing the serial code on. All this japanese characters are driving me crazy. lol

  5. “1-Beat the dragon and a new area will open left of the castle”
    Remember, defeat the dragon, not the dragon defeats you.

    And this promo is a holy pain, takes more than an hour, excluding the download of the app, for get the code, admin should give 20 stones instead of just 5… I’ve seen events giving items worth 20~50$ just for LOGIN WITH YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT AND PRESS “LIKE”!!….

    Also the game sucks, and not only the game, what mostly sucks is the battle music…
    tiiiii-ti ti-tiiii-ti ti-tiii-ti ti-ti, TIRIRIRII!!!!
    ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Almost went mad.

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